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ORA-600[qsmmixInitKey-2]) detected


I encountered several times this week a critical incident alert in Enterprise Manager as generic internal error notifying for Internal error (ORA-600[qsmmixInitKey-2]) detected in alert\log.xml file.

After investigation it turned out that the reason can be in SQL Tuning Advisor.

The database is . I have Automatic Maintenance Tasks configured and the Automatic SQL Tuning is also enabled.








You can refer to Metalink  [ID 9602359.8] that gives overview of this Bug 9602359  OERI[qsmmixInitKey-2] using SQL Tuning Advisor.

Version confirmed as being affected is and for most platforms. In my case the production database is The symptom is occurring internal ORA-600 [qsmmixInitKey-2]. Metalink says that this error can occur when SQL being tuned has duplicate columns. This issue is fixed in Patch Set).

In my case I temporary disabled Automatic SQL Tuning and start planning the upgrade to






dbms_auto_task_admin.disable(client_name => 'sql tuning advisor', operation => NULL, window_name => NULL);


This week I had one successful upgrade from to for Database and Grid Infrastructure on RHEL5.


This time I will plan and do the upgrade but on Windows Platform.





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  1. Julian Dontcheff
    March 21, 2011 at 11:48 am

    Interesno dali tova e bug 5309690 ili bug 9602359. I kakvi sa tezi duplicated koloni? Internalni v Oracle ili stava na vapros za SQL koito se tunva?

  2. March 21, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    duplicated coloni v smisul che imash edni i sushti koloni izbroeni v selecta, koito se tune-va.

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