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BGOUG 2015 Autumn Conference

The autumn BGOUG conference is now over. I planned to write a post immediately after the end of the conference when the enthusiasm and spirit is still fresh bee-zing but anyway it stays for quite a while  🙂

This year it was the whole family attending the conference and my daughter Alex had an early Oracle start listening to Jonathan Lewis talking about execution plans.

This time we had about 370 people attending BGOUG. My presentation on Three Sides of the Coin with Oracle Data Integration – ODI, OGG, EDQ went very well and I had a full room of people. I also had a live 30 minutes demo which went smoothly and I managed to fit to the 60 mins all together. I attended Jonathan Lewis’s, Joze Senegacnik’s , Gurcan Orhan’s sessions. Not as many as I initially thought. I planned to listen Heli, Julian Dontcheff and Martin Widlake at least but I couldn’t do it. I am sure I will see Martin at the LOB events in London anyway.

It was really nice to catch up with old friends and colleagues and also make new friends. I am glad I met Osama Mustafa and Joel Goodman in person. I haven’t seen Julian for quite a while and it was a real pleasure to see him again and meet his Accenture colleagues. Same for Joze and Lili. Obviously BGOUG is like a big family(without the fights) and it is quite an international one.

Big thanks to Milena for organizing this great event. The whole team has been doing great job for  all these years now. Really nice idea to start printing the number of visits and tracking this for each attendee. I have now 16 and Joze has 14 and I have to be very careful with that 🙂


All in all, it was a great event, presentations, great people, very nice venue, hotel, food, party till midnight. I would say keep up the good work!






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