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Modify the attribute AUTO_START to “always”

With Oracle 11.2 database auto start policy in the clusterware is restore, which means that clusterware will remember the last state of the database.  If the database was stopped normally then on the next restart of clusterware it won’t be started. Otherwise if the server crashes or by some reason the OS is rebooted then clusterware will start the database because last state was ONLINE (running).

If you are running on Linux there is no need to write your own scripts for automatically startup/shutdown anymore. But you need to configure something.

Here is what it is:
By default with Oracle 11.2 several important resources come in the profile with attribute AUTO_START=restore.  Such resources are Oracle Database resource, Oracle ASM resource, CRS resource type for the Listener. This means that if Oracle database server is restarted for some reason , it will keep and restore the last state.

It is a good practice to change this default behaviour and it is the first thing I usually do after a new installation. I change AUTO_START=always for the resources listed above.

Check out the current state

$ crs_stat -p

Find the resource you’d like to change and modify the attribute AUTO_START to “always”

$ crsctl modify resource resource_name -attr AUTO_START=always

$ crsctl modify resource ora.asm -attr AUTO_START=always

$ crsctl modify resource ora.<SID>.db -attr AUTO_START=always

$ crsctl modify resource ora.LISTENER.lsnr -attr AUTO_START=always

You are done.



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