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Big Data Marathon

November 16, 2017 Leave a comment

This week there is a Big Data event in London, gathering Big Data clients, geeks and vendors from all over to speak on the latest trends, projects, platforms and products which helps everyone to stay on the same page and align the steering wheel as well as get a feeling of where the fast-pacing technology world is going. The event is massive but I am glad I could make it even only for one hour and have some fruitful chats with the exhibitors. The ones which are of particular interest to me are Cloudera, Hortonworks, Informatica with Big Data Management and ICS, MapR, Datalytyx. Check here for more information


Nowadays, with the massive explosion of data in the digital era we all live in, it is not difficult to notice the evolution of Data to Big Data. With the new sources of data, the variety of data has changed – unstructured(text, images, videos), semi-structured(JSON, facebook graphs) and structured. Big Data drives asking new questions which require the use of predictive, behavioural models and machine learning. In a nut shell, in terms of physical storage the options are Cloud or on premise and in terms of logical storage – RDBMS, Hadoop, NoSQL.


The use of Hadoop may include the use of libraries that layer NoSQL implementations on top of HDFS data. Hadoop is a datastore or a data lake for a lot of customers and is a replacement in some way of a relational database. On this point here, I would like to stress out that RDBMS like Oracle are still around and they are not going to disappear from the Big Data picture as they are designed to solve specific set of data problems that Hadoop is not designed to solve. Having said that, bringing in Hadoop as a solution will be as an addition to existing RDBMS and not a replacement of customers’ EDW.




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